From one park in Pori Sigrid will lead You to another: You will step into a story, You were not aware of. Told in ways both physical and virtual, it will take You to discover what the geocache will offer.

A long time ago there was a girl named Sigrid who lived right next to the Great Marketplace, nowadays known in different ways. At the Raatihuone Park Sigrid played with her friends so dear. One day their ball rolled against a plate of metal – And what did they hear?

The sound drew them to a picture too: There was a maiden and letters in few. The friends started to make words of the game and noticed how they turned into Sigrid’s second name.  But was this art work a clue of sorts, Sigrid pondered. She took out her camera and wondered: What will happen if I photograph it? When looking at the artwork through the camera she heard a click. Sigrid was astonished as the picture came to life all of a sudden. It changed colour and gave the coordinates to the second art work like no other: N 61° 29.250 E 021° 47.570.  Towards new adventures, Sigrid decided. And the friends made their way towards south in the northern part of the Raatihuone Park

After having strolled a little while, Sigrid and her friends found a picture of the same style. When giving the picture another eye, they saw the water colours and figured out why: Pori is the birthplace of many artists so great, Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Dora Wahlroos and many others to name. Sigrid brought out her camera again as there was so much more in this way to gain: And so another clue appeared, the coordinates to the third art work N 61° 29.170 E 021° 47.530. – Sigrid was assured: Onwards to new adventures, she said. The friends together across the road in the northern part of the Raatihuone Park their way made.

So they realized they found their way to another work of art. In this one the notes on the wall played an important part: What sound the future seemed to carry along with it, this was jazz music, no doubt about it. The first Jazz Festival was arranged in 1966, and for many this became the destination for a yearly summer trip. According to many it is the summer event number one, a festival worth visiting for anyone. When Sigrid took another photo, the work of art changed once again. The clue was similar as before but not the same. The coordinates for the fourth work of artcame N 61° 29.102 E 021° 47.494. So they continued their way, straight along the southern part of the Raatihuone Parkway.

The friends looked and looked and finally, found the following work of art on one side of the park. In the picture, the girl seemed to fly. Sigrid thought that whereas the art work reminded her of dancing, it did not resemble the dances they knew. In a way so skillful and with grace, the dancers moved according to their instructor in a magnificent way.Tanssikoulu Liisa Nojonen is one of Finland’s leading schools of dance. Skilled dancers like Tero Saarinen, Riina Laurila-Castren, Mikko Lampinen and Riku Lehtopolku have all begun their career at the dance school. Again, Sigrid played with her camera and brought the picture to life. And there it was, the coordinates for the fifth work of art N 61° 28.975 E 021° 47.430 arranged neatly in one line. The adventure goes on with Sigrid and her friends walking along the southern part of the Raatihuone Park.

As Sigrid looked around her, she spotted the image of a girl facing a factory so grand. At this moment, she was not aware what she had found: An industrial town Pori might have been, but what future site for academic wisdom and possibilities it would be.  Once upon a time, there was a factory refining cotton, but now this Puuvillakeskus became a stop to shop on. It enlivened the other side of the river with it. Pori, at one time was planned to be a capital city. With its port and central location, Pori remains a lively place on may count on. And once more a series of numbers occurred, this time the coordinates for the sixth artwork N 61° 28.820 E 021° 47.300 guiding the party towards the Cygnaeus Park for sure.

Sigrid admired the southern sky. When being in this part of the park it will be known to us why. The street now ends at a familiar place, a school to which Cygnaeus gave his name. In front of this school founded in 1912 there is a park, a statue and yet another dimension of the adventure in which to delve. Sigrid and her friends found the last piece of art and in this work the girl hold on to a photograph where the sea played a part. The photograph of Yyteri reminds us again, how Pori is a city with a beach in its end. Although known for the Kokemäki river running through town, Pori is also known for the best beach outside of downtown. The sea, the dunes and the beautiful beach, brought Sigrid’s attention to another clue within reach: “N 61° 28.955 E 021° 47.330 you will find the cache just the Republic Square next to the tree tent. “

When You have found the QR code (Raatihuone Park and Geocache), You can download a free app which will allow You to look at and experience the artworks in a new way and access the AR (Augmented Reality) content embedded in the artworks. You are also able to find the geocache without the app by following the story.

This Letterbox hybrid contains a stamp, don't take the stamp, it belongs to the Geocache.

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